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Storage and Warehousing

Ever attentive to customers’ needs, and current economic forces, El-Rishon Logistics provides innovative integrated solutions designed to help drive value, via a comprehensive range of warehousing and distribution solutions which combine advanced technologies, and value added services.

El-Rishon Logistics’ team of experienced professionals consults with each customer to agree the best dedicated or shared warehousing solution, customised according to the scale of the individual business requirement, location and operational model.

El-Rishon Logistics’ extensive warehousing and redistribution capacity currently caters for over a quarter of a million line items in multiple locations. Catering to sectors as diverse as automotive spare parts, retail, fashion range, watches, consumer electronics, hardware and DIY, communications equipment, machinery, home furnishings and humanitarian aid, the company’s complex operational capabilities encompass the handling of bulk items as large as sofas, to piece-picking minute hardware commodities!

With facilities of ambient and temperature controlled storage in Nigeria, UAE, Europe and in the United states, El-Rishon Logistics caters to the requirements of large and small businesses alike.

We always want to take the burden off you;  simply call us and we can pick up your cargo, deliver to our warehouses or storage facilities and return to you when, where and how you need them