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Tincan and Apapa ports gates to be operated electronically

The world has moved rapidly from operating manually to being electronically inclined.
All things been equal, it seems The Nigeria Ports Authority has caught this fever: because
recently the Managing Director Hadiza Bala Usman announced that the gates of the
Lagos seaports would soon be replaced with the electronic gate system for efficient
running of the sea ports. An automatic gate opens and closes without any physical human
effort, it requires authentication before it responds to any command and it is programmed
to ensure maximum security.

The issue seems to be: what is the grand aim of these electronic gates? As solid as the
bold claim of the MD, can they properly run this system? This and many more questions
are being barraged at the proposed innovation. We all know how caring the authorities
can be towards the daily running of the ports, a classic example is the over-bearing sign
post which greets customers at the entrance of the Tincan Seaport.

One can not say if the signpost has rejected its purpose, or hoodlums have gotten a better part of it. It is indeed a sorry sight.

How then can the NPA care for an electronic gate which would run on 24-hour electricity, provide monthly or weekly maintenance of the gates and also provide the enabling environment for such a facility?

The answers to these questions might be according to Bob Dylan, ‘Blowing in the wind’.
We sincerely hope not.

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