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Retail Logistics

El-Rishon Logistics’ extensive warehousing and redistribution capacity currently caters for over a quarter of a million line items in multiple locations. Catering to sectors as diverse as FMCG, fashion, watches and jewellery, consumer electronics, furniture, the company’s complex operational capabilities encompass the handling of bulk items as large as sofas and whirlpools, to piece-picking minute hardware commodities.

Furniture Logistics
Based out of strategically located logistics hub, our warehouse and distribution centres has the capacity to provide last mile home delivery, warehouse receiving, shipping and short or long term storage solutions. Our facility is fully secured to provide the protection until distribution. We offer either warehouse or climate-controlled storage and customize logistical solutions based on our customer needs.


Fashion and Hanging Garments
El-Rishon Logistics is your specialist for transportation of hanging garments, ready-made garments and fashion clothes to and from Nigeria. We organise the entire flow of goods for your textile logistics from production to sale. Our specialization enable delivery of ready for sale goods to the point of sale on fixed delivery days, to fixed time frames.

El-Rishon Logistics provides tailored solutions to leading dedicated juvenile products retailer Nigeria.


Electronics and High-Tech
We develop complete logistic solutions for your delicate, time critical electronic components and high tech machines by combining our expert handling capabilities and security to ensure they arrive intact. As experienced logistics partners for the electronics industry we create efficient transport chains for your business.


Fast Moving Consumer Goods
In the fast moving consumer goods sector retailers and consumer goods manufacturers place particularly high requirements on logistics. A professional service provider improves your flow of goods and in this way reduces delivery times and costs. We can consolidate the shipments, and deliver at the appointed time to the sales outlets. With our FMCG solutions, your products can punctually arrive at the point of sales.